Company Profile

ToTali was established by Tali Shilon in 1994, in Atlanta, GA

In Israel since 2001, the company has been focusing on placement of administrative positions, for large companies to one-man shows.

Tali possesses a deep understanding of human assessment and evaluation. This ability, coupled with years of experience, allows her to assess and recommend the best possible candidate optimally suited to the position, to the manager specifically and to the company’s cultural environment.

ToTali specializes in locating and placing personnel for secretarial-administrative positions in companies of all sizes, from ‘C’ level executive secretaries, through department administrators, administrative assistants and PA’s, to general secretaries and receptionists. Personal attention is given to each client and to each candidate, and a placement is always followed by monitoring, consulting and assistance as needed throughout the adjustment process.

An efficient administrative system and an excellent admin are a key factor in the success of the manager and the business. The client’s time is too valuable to be spent on assessment processes.

After Tali assists the client in defining their needs, the classification and assessment processes through personal interview, are ToTali‘s responsibility. The client is provided, at their convenience, with one to three final candidates who optimally fit the profile. Support and consultation are provided until both sides feel comfortable and wish to establish a long-term relationship.