ToTali's Unique Service

Tali operates in with “head hunting” style and focuses on finding candidates to match the client’s specific needs. ToTali does not have a large candidate database, but rather performs a focused search for each and every client personally.

The process begins with a visit to the company offices and a comprehensive interview during which the company and manager’s needs are determined, and the candidate parameters which best suit those needs, are defined.

ToTali advertises the position on several portals, as well on this website, and screens all the candidate resumes submitted for thie specific position. 

The screening process includes a preliminary phone interview, a personal in depth interview and a general graphology screening.

The employer receives only candidates who fit all the defined parameters, thus saving time otherwise spent on interviewing seemingly appropriate candidates, who eventually do not match one particular parameter or another.

Tali actively participates in the employer’s decision making process, when requested, and advices where needed in the negotiations on the terms of employment. Following placement Tali continues follow up with the employer and employee until both parties feel comfortable with a long term relationship.

Beyond the first 30 working days, ToTali provides an additional 90 days of complete guarantee. I.e. for a period of 4 months from the date of employment, should the employee’s position be terminated for any reason, ToTali will provide an additional placement at no additional charge.


A Manpower company provides personnel to its clients on a “loan” basis. I.e., it legally employs the employee, is responsible for their wages and benefits as required by law, and is held responsible for providing the employee with their salary slips and maintaining their legal rights. The employee is “loaned” to the client for the required position and for the performance of their job the manpower company is paid an agreed upon rate. This “loan” may be done on an hourly basis, daily, monthly and up to a long term of years. A Placement agency provides its clients with a one time brokerage service. I.e., it presents to its clients candidates for a specific position, and when the client chooses to employ one of these candidates, they become a company employee. The Employing company is responsible for establishing an employer-employee relationship as required by law, and pays the placement agency a one-time commission.

The first step is a personal visit to the company’s offices and a personal acquaintance with the manager and/or the recruiting personnel.

Then a want ad is placed by ToTali on several websites, with a position code name specifically for each position.

At the same time Tali also goes through the current database of candidates to search for a match with already familiar candidates.

Each application following the ad is reviewed. Tali conducts a phone interview with those who’s resume matches the designated parameters, and those who are found suitable are then interviewed in person.

Only those who pass all stages and match all of the position’s criteria, are presented to the company.

ToTali is the only placement agency on the Israeli market specializing in finding personnel for secretarial-administrative positions.
The range includes secretarial positions at all levels – ranging from head of chambers, through secretary or PA to a c-level manager in a large company, a personal assistant or secretary to a managing partner in a law firm or to a businessman, and all the way to receptionist, as well as administrative positions at all levels – ranging from administrative manager for a high-tech company, through office manager for a mid-size company to office manager and receptionist for a small office.

ToTali chose to focus and specialize in the secretarial-administrative position range and provides placement services for any company in need of personnel in this profession. Large companies such as: IDB Holdings, Strauss-Elite, Netvision, Kardan Holdings, Gindi Holdings, James Richardson, Zara, Mivnei Ta’asia, Kengeru deliveries, CoachMe College, Ruppin College, etc. Companies and offices such as: Goldfarb, Levy, Eran & partners Law Offices, etc, and many other high-tech companies, VC funds, service providing companies, and law offices of all sizes.