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What Should I Expect After I Submit My Resume?

Totali operates in ‘head hunting’ style.
It does not have a large candidate data-base, but rather conducts a search for the candidates who specifically match the client’s profile. That is why Tali will contact only those candidates who’s profile matches those required by a specific client.

Regrettably it is not possible to respond to all the hundreds of wonderfully qualified candidates, who submit their resumes each week. It is quite possible for a candidate to not receive a response following submission of their resume, but for that same reason, it is always a good idea to resubmit for any new relevant positions on JobNet.


A Manpower company provides personnel to its clients on a “loan” basis. I.e., it legally employs the employee, is responsible for his/her wages and benefits as required by law, and is held responsible for providing the employee with their salary forms and maintaining their legal rights. The employee is “loaned” to the client for the required position and for the performance of their job the manpower company is paid an agreed upon rate. This “loan” may done on an hourly basis, daily, monthly and up to a long term of years.

A Placement agency provides its clients with a one time brokerage service. I.e., it presents to its clients candidates for a specific position, and when the client chooses to employ one of these candidates, they become a company employee. The Employing company is responsible for establishing an employer-employee relationship as required by law, and pays the placement agency a one-time commission.

ToTali is the only placement agency on the Israeli market specializing solely in finding personnel for secretarial-administrative positions.
The range includes secretarial positions at all levels – ranging from head of chambers, through secretary or personal assistant to a c-level manager in a large company, a personal assistant or secretary to a managing partner in a law firm or a businessman, and all the way to receptionist, as well as administrative positions at all levels – ranging from administrative manager for a high-tech company, through office manager for a mid-size company through office manager and receptionist for a small office.

ToTali chose to focus and specialize in the secretarial-administrative position range and provides placement services for any company in need of personnel in this profession range.
Large companies such as: IDB Holdings, Strauss-Elite, Netvision, Kardan Holdings, Gindi Holdings, James Richardson, Zara, Mivnei Ta’asia, Kengeru deliveries, CoachMe College, Ruppin College, etc. Companies and offices such as: Goldfarb, Levy, Eran an partners Law Offices, etc, and many other high-tech companies, VC funds, service providing companies, and law offices of all sizes. 
According to ToTali‘s view of the professional arena, secretarial and administrative positions are professions like any other. Unlike many other professions, the availability of formal education and certified professional training are very limited. That is why most of the professionalism may be acquired only on the job (OJT) and the candidate’s experience in a relevant position and working environment is of crucial importance.
Only a person who has not held a full time secretarial position may think that all it takes to be suitable for a “Secretary to a CEO” position is to know how to: take a call, schedule a meeting, send an e-mail and properly use Office software. The Secretarial-administrative position is much more than just the sum of its parts.
ToTali puts a very strong emphasis on candidate quality, and this quality is comprised of the person’s personal atributes, but no less importantly – their specific and particular experience in the required position.